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More Landfill Gas Wells = More Electricity
Beginning Monday, June 13, 2016, 12 new landfill gas wells will be drilled at Crane Mountain Landfill increasing overall energy production.
Gas wells are drilled vertically into capped portions of the landfill.   These wells capture landfill gas and pipe it to the generator to produce electricity.  The 12 new wells will add to the 45 already in operation and will increase electrical production to the Saint John Energy Grid.  
The drilling and connection process will take two weeks, and during this period harmless minor gas odours may be noticeable in the immediate vicinity of the landfill.  
Read more about Landfill Gas to Energy


 Winter Storms Impact the Blue Bins Too

Please recycle all year long! But please be patient when recycling after a snow storm.  Snow can drift over our Blue Bins during storms and it can take a day or two to get them all cleared out and ready to take your recycling.
Consider holding onto your recycling for a day or two after a storm.  It really helps!