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Never miss another collection day! 

Collection Calendars and Reminders

Search by address to view your waste collection calendar and see what's being picked up on your next collection day.
You can also:

  • Download and print waste collection calendars
  • Sign up for weekly reminders (email, phone or Twitter)
  • Add a collection schedule to your personal calendar (iCal, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook)

The Fundy Region Solid Waste (FRSW) is responsible for Crane Mountain Landfill as well as the recycling and compost programs in Greater Saint John. FRSW does not handle waste pick-up.

Each community is responsible for collection.

Download the Waste Reduction Guide

Saint John
Collection of waste and compost is bi-weekly or weekly in priority neighbourhoods.  For your schedule, type your address into the space above.
Large items: Call 658-4455 to schedule a pick-up. Maximum of two collections per year. Limit of 3 items per pick-up.

Town of Rothesay
Fero Waste & Recycling provides collection for garbage, compost & recycling. For your schedule, type your address above.  For issues with your collection or 652-3376

Large item collection takes place the week of May 22nd, 2017.  Place large items at curbside by 7am on the 22nd for pick up.
  No appliances, hazardous waste or car parts accepted.

Yard Waste Extra Collection week of May 29th, 2017.

For regular collection days, Fero accepts with your compost cart, 3 extra leaf & yard waste bags OR 3 bundles of twigs. 

Town of Quispamsis
Fero Waste & Recycling provides collection for garbage, compost & recycling. For your schedule, type your address above.  For issues with your collection or call 652-3376.

Large items: Maximum 3 large household items per garbage collection. Maxiumum 25kg each.

  • No appliances/ white goods (fridge, freezer, stove, washer, dryer, air conditioner, water cooler)
  • No hazardous or biomedical waste
  • No soil, rocks or stumps
  • No car parts, including tires
  • No liquid waste

Town of Grand Bay-Westfield
Many residents bring their waste directly to the landfill. Blue Bin recycling and a compost drop off are on site at the Public Drop Off near the Scalehouse.

Note: Compostable Material, up to 1 cart (2 brown paper bags) is FREE.

Town of Hampton
For your schedule type your address into the space at the top of the page.  For issues or concerns contact Town Office 832-6065

Large items and White Goods (fridges, stoves etc): Contact Town Office at 832- 6065 to schedule a collection.

Village of St Martins
Collection by Trius Disposal. For your schedule, type your address in the space at the top of the page.  Contact 1-800-561-0024 or
Weekly collection June 20 to September 5th, 2016. Bi-weekly collection for the rest of the year.

Large items: Spring Clean Up June 20th 2016. White Goods & metal will have a separate collection also during week of June 20, 2016. Contact the Village office at 833-2010 for more information.

Rural Regions (Local Service Districts)
Local Service Districts of: Simonds, Fairfield, St Martins

Collection by River Valley Sanitation.  Contact 839-2234.  

For large items & white goods collection call River Valley Sanitation at 839 2234 to schedule a pick-up.  White goods collection suspended during the winter months.

Local Service Districts of: Greenwich, Musquash and Westfield West.

Collection by Fero Waste. Contact 472-3376 or 1800 668- 3376

Large items: Three large item pick ups per year, on your collection day during:  week of  May 31 - June 3rd,  August 19 - 23rd, and October 17 - 20th.


Local Service District of: Petersville

Collection by Fero Waste. Contact 472-3376 or 1 800 668- 3376

Large items: One large item pick up per month, total of 9 per year. Call for pick up of fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Local Service District of: Hampton, Nauwigewauk, Rothesay, Kingston and Westfield East

Collection by Fero Waste & Recycling. Contact 652-3376.

Large items: Maximum one large item per garbage collection. White Goods: Call Fero 652 3376