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Leaf & Yard Waste

Rules for Yard Waste


Leaf & Yard Waste Belongs in the Compost!

Yard waste (brush, leaves, weeds, grass etc) is only accepted with compost. Yard Waste packaged in black or coloured bags will not be collected. This policy applies to commercial waste as well. 

 Acceptable packaging for Yard Waste:

  • Compost Cart
  • Brown paper bags
  • Compostable or clear plastic bags
  • Brush & twigs can be bundled and tied with string. Bundles should be less than 4’ in length. Branches no more than 2' in diameter.

 Place your yard waste at the curb during compost week.


  • Place leaves and small twigs in your compost cart
  • The lid must be closed
  • No items can stick out of your cart
  • Maximum weight of cart: 50 kg or 100 lbs
  • Additional leaves can be placed in brown paper bags, compostable or clear plastic bags and placed beside your compost cart.


Branches or twigs

  • Maximum diameter 2” (5 cm)
  • Cut into 4’ (1.2 m) lengths and place in cart or
  • Tie with string and set beside the cart
  • Cart plus 2 additional items are acceptable in most communities – check with your waste hauler.

Materials NOT accepted:

  • No rocks, bricks, tree stumps, painted or treated wood.

Yard Waste Policy

Fundy Region Solid Waste has implemented new fees for garbage that contains yard waste.  This policy has been implemented to ensure Yard Waste does not enter the landfill.  Yard Waste should either be handled on private property or through a compost program with your hauler.  This policy applies to all waste entering Crane Mountain Landfill.

Fees at the Landfill
Compost:     $28/tonne
Landfill:        $108/tonne
Unsorted Waste*:  ‘double landfill fee’ -   $216/tonne
*New fee as of January 2012

Yard Waste includes:  Leaves, grass, weeds & twigs/brush
Unsorted Waste is defined as solid waste that includes yard waste.

Acceptable packaging for yard waste in compost
• program compost cart
• brown paper bags
• compostable bags
• clear plastic bags 

Black or coloured plastic bags will not be accepted in the compost.

Yard waste in the garbage can contaminate an entire load of garbage and may result in an additional charge in the range of $700 to $800. 

The Unsorted Waste Fee instituted as of January 2012.