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Recycling FAQ's

Are cardboard milk cartons recyclable?

Yes! Milk cartons are recyclable in the Fundy region. You can bring your clean milk cartons to the Blue Bins and put them in the bin marked ’Plastic, Metal & Milk’. Now all milk packaging is recyclable and the milk cartons, jugs and milk bags go in the same bin. Just remember to clean out all containers to reduce odours as you store them at home.

Do labels need to be taken off my cans and plastic bottles?

No, you may leave the labels on the cans or plastic containers when you recycle them. Plastic and metal are both melted down during the recycling process. The melting temperature is so high that any paper is burned off during the process.

Do I have to take the lids off my containers?

Yes, lids should be taken off all containers. This will help prevent any containers from building up pressure and bursting during pick-up and delivery. Another reason to remove the lids is because in most cases the lids are not made from the same material as the container. If you are ever in doubt of what to do with any item, please phone the Hotline at 738-1212.

Why can’t I recycle glass?

Glass is no longer recycled because there was no market for recycled glass. In addition, more and more packaging was being made from plastic and less from glass. Thus, the amount of glass received was very low, and the amount of plastic bags and rigid plastic has continued to grow.

How do I recycle shredded paper properly?

Help us reduce litter by following these tips. Before placing shredded paper in the Paper Blue Bin, please:

• Shred only the sensitive parts of the document

• Put shredded paper in a paper bag, large envelope, or large, clear plastic bag. Tie the bag securely.

• Do not use grocery bags.

Can I recycle all my plastic bags?

Most grocery store bags are recyclable.  To check your other plastic bags, give them a small pull, if you can stretch the plastic, it is recyclable.  If it doesn't stretch, it is garbage.