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Nespresso Partnership to recycle aluminum coffee capsules

Fundy Regional Service Commission is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nespresso Canada to accept Nespresso's Green Bag for aluminium coffee capsules in recycling.
Residents place their coffee capsules in the Green Bag (provided by Nespresso), once full, they seal the bag and place it with their other 'containers' in the recycling, either the curbside recycling box or at the recycling depots.  The green bags are then easily separated from the other recycling, and shipped to a facility where the aluminum and the coffee grounds are separated.  The aluminum is recycled, and the coffee grounds are composted, providing a nutrient rich soil amendment. 
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Leaves in Paper Bags

If you have excess leaves or yard waste you can dispose of them through the following methods:

  • place them in your compost cart
  • use paper leaf bags
  • bundle excess branches or twigs in 4 ft x 2 ft bundles and place with compost cart

Remember leaves in plastic bags will NOT be collected.  As part of our Plastic Bag Reduction Strategy, we have removed clear plastic bags as an acceptable packaging for leaves as of July 1, 2021.  You may still use compostable plastic bags, however, they are not recommended due to their strength, and they get caught in the machinery during the compost process.   Paper bags are extremely sturdy and compost well - resulting in nutrient-rich humus or compost to return to gardens & lawns around the Fundy Region.  

Of course, the best method is to utilize the leaves right on your property, they are a valuable resource for your lawn and garden as they are full of nutrients.  Consider mulching them into your lawn by going over them with the lawnmower.  Use fall leaves to mulch your flower garden for the winter.  Save leaves to add the 'carbon' layer to your backyard compost throughout the year.  

Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw for the Fundy Region

All municipalities in the Fundy Regional Service Commission have adopted the Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw as of July 1 2021.

That means businesses in the Fundy Region no longer provide single-use plastic checkout bags.  This bylaw will remove an estimated 35 Million plastic bags per year, and is similar to legislation in Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, along with the Cities of Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe in New Brunswick. 

All plastic bags and film were removed from the accepted items in recycling in the Fundy Region.

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Gold Box Recycling

Our Gold Box Recycling program will return in May 2022.  Watch for your chance to register for the program.  We randomly select households to audit their garbage, compost & recycling.  Those audited who had minimal garbage, food scraps in their compost cart and for those residents with curbside recycling, properly sorted recycling were rewarded with a Recycling Superstar Gold Box.


Remember, Plastic Bags are not Recyclable

Plastic bags and plastic wrap are not accepted in recycling. They are garbage.
This includes all ‘soft’ plastic such as grocery and retail bags, bread and frozen food bags, dry cleaner bags, and ‘shrink wrap’ (like the wrap on paper towel) or plastic film.
Please continue to recycle your plastic containers with the recycling number 1, 2, or 5. These containers are sent to Ontario and Quebec for recycling.