Land Use Plan

There are two types of land use documents in place in FRSC, Rural Plans and Basic Planning Statements.

New Basic Planning Statements (BPS) are no longer being developed in the Province of New Brunswick; however, those Basic Planning Statements that have not been replaced by a Rural Plan continue to be in effect.

The development and the day-to-day administration of Rural Plans and Basic Planning Statements in areas served by the FRSC are the responsibility of FRSC’s Planning & Building Inspections staff as provided for under the Community Planning Act.

If you are purchasing a property or proposing a development in the unincorporated areas Petersville, Musquash, Westfield East & West, Greenwich, Kingston, Simonds, Fairfield, Rothesay, and Saint Martins or the Village of St. Martins, it is strongly recommended that you speak to planning staff at FRSC.

Rural Plans

Rural Plans were added to the Community Planning Act to replace Basic Planning Statements, and were specifically designed to meet the needs and characteristics of rural areas and small municipalities.

A Rural Plan is a land use planning tool that helps each community set goals and strategies about how it will grow and develop. It balances the interests of individual property owners with the wider interests and objectives of the whole community.

Rural Plans are typically divided into three main parts:

Part A: Planning Area designation and description;

Part B: Policies, proposals, and objectives of the Rural Plan; and

Part C: Zoning, zoning map, definitions, and provisions (development standards).

Having a Rural Plan helps:

  • Define and enhance community character;
  • Reflect land use concerns affecting social, economic and environmental issues;
  • Guide future development according to community need and direction;
  • Minimize the potential for conflicting land uses; and
  • Establish formal public consultation opportunities for a community’s representatives, residents, land owners, organizations, and stakeholders, regarding the appropriateness of proposed land use changes to the area.

Shaping and responding to a Rural Plan is a participatory process involving the whole community and facilitated by the professional planning staff at FRSC. A Rural Plan is intended to be a flexible and accommodating document that offers clear processes for public participation and timely administration of adjustments and amendments.

For more information on how to apply to the FRSC to Amend, Rezone, Vary, or Adjust the requirements of the Rural Plan, please visit the Land Use Services section.

The following Rural Plans are currently in effect in the area served by the FRSC. Not all amendments or adjustments affecting a Rural Plan may be listed. Please contact a Planner with the FRSC for all zoning inquiries.

Musquash Planning Area Rural Plan

Musquash Planning Area Zoning Map

Rothesay Parish Planning Area Rural Plan

Rothesay Parish Planning Area Zoning Map

Simonds Parish & Fairfield LSD Planning Area Rural Plan

Simonds Parish & Fairfield LSD Planning Area Zoning Map

Village of St. Martins Rural Plan

Village of St. Martins Zoning Map


Basic Planning Statements

Basic Planning Statements (BPS) were designed to be a less formal and less comprehensive alternative to Municipal Plans or Area Plans. They contained statements of objectives, policies and proposals for the future development of a community.

While a BPS did not commit the community or the Province to undertake any proposals outlined in the Statement, they prevented the undertaking of any development in any manner inconsistent or at variance with the BPS.

The BPS was brought into effect by the enacting of an adopting by-law by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and amendments to the BPS had to be brought before the Council for approval. Under this jurisdiction, the process to approve amendments and variances took considerable time and effort.

The following Basic Planning Statement is currently in effect in the area served by the FRSC. Not all amendments or adjustments affecting a Basic Planning Statement may be listed. Please contact a Planner with the FRSC for all zoning inquiries.

Saint Martins Parish Planning Area Basic Planning Statement


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