Rural Recreation and Community Groups

Musquash LSD
Includes communities of Prince of Wales, Musquash, Chance Harbour, Dipper Harbour, and Little Lepreau
Musquash Recreation Centre
Route 790 Community Events (Facebook Group)
Route 790 News, Views and Help (Facebook Group)
Route 790 Communications (Facebook Group)
Lepreau Soccer Club
MP Taekwondo

Petersville LSD
Includes communities of Welsford, Blagdon, and Clarendon
Welsford Community Association
Evandale, Welsford to Grand Bay-Westfield and Surrounding Area (Facebook Group)

Greenwich LSD
Includes communities of Lower Greenwich, Browns Flat, Glenwood, Central Greenwich, Oakpoint and Evandale
Greenwich Recreation Association Inc
Browns Flat and Local Area What's Going On (Facebook Group)
Evandale, Welsford to Grand Bay-Westfield and Surrounding Area (Facebook Group)
Royal Canadian Legion - Greenwich Branch

Westfield LSD (West)
Includes communities of Nerepis, Woodmans Point, Morrisdale, Public Landing
Westfield & District Recreation Association Inc
Evandale, Welsford to Grand Bay-Westfield and Surrounding Area (Facebook Group)

Kingston LSD and Westfield LSD (East)
Includes all communities on the Kingston Peninsula
Yoga in the Grove
Kingston Soccer Club
Royal Canadian Legion - Peninsula Branch (Moss Glen)
Kingston Today (Facebook Group)
Kingston Peninsula New Brunswick (Facebook Group)
Kingston Peninsula Heritage

Simonds LSD
Includes communities of Mispec, Willow Grove, Garnett Settlement, Black River, Gardner Creek, Duck Pond, Rowley, Baxters Corner and Grove Hill
Seaview Community Club
Willow Grove (Facebook Group)
Rowley (Facebook Group)
Grove Hill and Route 820 News (Facebook Group)

Saint Martins LSD
Includes communities of St Martins, Bains Corner, West Quaco, Orange Hill, and Bay View.
St. Martins Recreation Committee
St. Martins Old Home Week
St. Martins & District Lions Club
St. Martins & District Soccer Club
St. Martins Area Communiteers

Regional Community Services Database
The Saint John Human Development Council hosts a comprehensive directory of all community services in the area, including recreation, sport, leisure and wellness services.